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Katy Hayward, Dr

Queen's University Belfast, Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

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United Kingdom

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Sociology & Social Policy


Dr Hayward has been interviewed for print, radio and television media (including live broadcasts). This includes, among others, BBC, ITV, Deutsch Welle, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, YLE radio [Finland, Sweden], Pravda [Slovakia], NRC Handelsblad, and Die Zeit.


Dr Katy Hayward is Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Senior Research Fellow of the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice at Queen's University Belfast. She was a research fellow on the FP5 EUBorderConf project on EU border conflicts ( and co-investigator of the RCUK-funded Tracing Risk and Uncertainty in Security Technologies (TRUST) project ( Notable publications include Irish Nationalism and European Integration (2009) and (as co-editor) Nationalism, Territory, and Organized Violence (2013), and Dynamics of Political Change in Ireland (January 2017). She is currently responsible for the Irish case study of the 'Borders in Globalization' project funded by the Canadian SSHRC ( She also sits on the Board of the Centre for Cross Border Studies (