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Rosa Fernandez, Dr

University of Chester, Social and Political Science

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United Kingdom

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Dr. Fernandez has wide experience with media, having been interviewed for television and radio programmes, particularly in Spain, with regard to European and environmental or energy issues. She has also been interviewed by the journal European Voice.

Language Skills

  • Spanish (native)
  • English (bilingual)
  • French (medium)
  • Italian (basic)


Dr Rosa Maria Fernandez is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester where she is Programme Leader in Economics and Economics & Business and lectures in a wide range of Economics topics. She previously worked at the University of Birmingham, lecturing in environmental economics and sustainable development. She has also been an associate tutor in business ethics and sustainability at the University of Bradford, as well as visiting researcher at the University of Exeter (UK) and York University (Toronto), and lecturer in economics at UNED (National Distance Education University, Spain). She presented her thesis in 2010, on 'European Union and Climate Change: Main Economic Effects'. She has recently published articles related to climate change, energy policy and corporate social responsibility, which are her main research interests, using an interdisciplinary approach and a European focus. She is a member of the Collaborative Research Network on the Governance of Sustainability promoted by UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies), where she has recently been nominated as Committee Member, and occasionally evaluates research projects for the COST initiative of the European Commission.