Robert Ackrill, Prof

Areas of Expertise: Budget, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Economic and Monetary policy (and EMU), Open Method of Coordination, International trade, World Trade Organisation (WTO), Agriculture, Climate Change, Energy Security, Environment, Renewables, Europeanisation

Viviane Gravey, Ms

Areas of Expertise: Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Subsidiarity, Environment, Pollution, Sustainability

Tom Hashimoto, Mr

Areas of Expertise: Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Economic and Monetary policy (and EMU), Euro / Eurozone, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), Internal Market (Single Market), Russian Federation, Ukraine, Baltic, Central & Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Albania

Ardi Priks, Mr

Areas of Expertise: Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Council of Ministers (Council of the EU), European Commission, Budget, European Interest Groups and Lobbying, Public Opinion, Reform of the European Union, Estonia, World Trade Organisation (WTO), Agriculture

Neculai-Cristian Surubaru, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Structural Funds, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Enlargement, EU - the basics; or How Does the EU Work?, Europeanisation of Domestic Politics and Policy, Openness and Transparency, Romania, Bulgaria, Corruption and Fraud, Budget, Implementation of EU Law, Central & Eastern Europe

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