Helen Drake, Prof

Areas of Expertise: France, Languages and linguistic diversity, Euroscepticism, Asylum and Immigration, Borders, European integration

Lilian Hanania, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Council of Europe, Division of competences, Minorities, France, European Commission, European-Latin American relations, International trade, North Atlantic Free Trade Area (NAFTA), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Media and Broadcasting, Climate Change, Free trade, Sustainability, Languages and linguistic diversity

Cherry James, Ms

Areas of Expertise: European Citizenship and Identity, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), Education, Languages and linguistic diversity, EU - the basics; or How Does the EU Work?, History of European Integration, Implementation of EU Law, Enforcement of EU Law

Eric Jeanpierre, Mr

Areas of Expertise: France, Languages and linguistic diversity, Europea-African relations

Martijn Mos, Dr

Areas of Expertise: European Parliament, European Convention on Human Rights, European Citizenship and Identity, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Fundamental Rights and the EU, European Interest Groups and Lobbying, Minorities, Equal Opportunities and Discrimination, Gender, Human Rights, Languages and linguistic diversity, Religion

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