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Dr Aleksandra Jolkina

Queen Mary University of London &
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Media Experience
Apart from her academic work, Aleksandra has nearly 15 years of experience in journalism. Alongside her PhD research in London, she was part-based in Bonn where she worked for Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. She has also participated in several award-winning cross-border investigations, including a six-month investigation into cancer drug prices across the EU.
Aleksandra holds a PhD in Law from Queen Mary University of London and has taught EU law at LSE. Her main research interests include EU citizenship, EU free movement rights, family reunification, as well as European and comparative migration and nationality law. Her dissertation examined the concept of marriages of convenience in EU and UK law in so far as it concerns the exercise of free movement rights by EU citizens and their family members. She is currently preparing a monograph for Brill Publishers based on her doctoral research.