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Mr Konstantinos Achilles Kanellopoulos

University of Manchester | The American University of Athens & Politics | Political Science
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Konstantinos Achilles Kanellopoulos is a doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester, focusing on the political economy of the Greek sovereign defaults. His dissertation is a within- country comparative analysis, bringing together the political economy, economic history and the structural constraints of the Greek state. At the University of Manchester Mr. Kanellopoulos also serves as graduate teaching assistant for undergraduate courses related to European Politics, European Integration, Comparative Political Economy and serves as administrator of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCE), and is a member of the Comparative Public Policy and Institutions (CPPI) and Global Political Economy (GPE) clusters. Mr. Kanellopoulos holds a Master’s degree in International Economics and International Relations – with a concentration in European and Eurasian Studies – from the Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, and Philosophy (Double Major) from American University (AU), Washington D.C.