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Expert on Europe

Dr Sarah Wolff

Queen Mary, University of London & School of Politics & International Relations
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Media Experience
Dr Wolff is a regular commentator in various media, working with print and broadcast media at home and overseas. She has been interviewed and regularly contributes in various media (Le Monde, Today Zaman, Al-Jazeera, Skynews, EU Observer, European Voice, The Slovak Pravda, La Croix, De Morgen, de Volkskrant), and blogs (Open Democracy, The Conversation, The Broker, Europe's World). She has been interviewed widely on EU migration policy, Frontex, North Africa, Schengen and European integration and policy.
Sarah Wolff is the Director of the Centre for European Research and Reader at Queen Mary University of London. Since 2019, she is Principal Investigator for the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence NEXTEUK project on the future of EU-UK Relations. She is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe and a Senior Research Associate at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael). A leading scholar of European integration, she has recently co-edited a special issue for the Journal of European Integration on EU responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr Wolff is an expert of European migration and border management policies, EU foreign policy and democratization efforts, as well as EU-Arab Mediterranean relations and EU-Islam relations. She is Editor of the journal Mediterranean Politics. Her manuscript with Michigan University Press on ‘Secular Power Europe and Islam: Identity and foreign policy’(summer 2021) is the result of data collected through a Fulbright-Schuman and a Leverhulme research grant. Her monograph ‘The Mediterranean Dimension of the European Union’s Internal Security’ (Palgrave, 2012) was one of the first comprehensive studies exploring the externalisation of EU Justice and Home Affairs policy to North Africa and the Middle East. She received the LISBOA Research Award 2012 for her book ‘Freedom, Security and Justice after Lisbon and Stockholm’ (Asser, 2012; co-edited). Before joining academia, Dr Wolff worked at the European Commission and the European Parliament. She holds a PhD in International Relations (LSE, 2009), an MSC in European Politics and Governance (LSE, 2004) and a BA from Science Po Grenoble
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