Getting to Maastricht

The 1st European Conference on Teaching and Learning Politics, International Relations and European Studies, Maastricht, 26-27 June 2014


For train journeys, you can use these travel planners:

From Amsterdam (Schiphol) airport

From Schiphol you can travel by train to Maastricht. You can purchase a ticket for the train at a desk or machine from NS (Dutch railways) that can be found in the arrivals area. The ticket will cost approx. 24.00 EUR for a single trip (or 40.80 EUR first class). The journey to Maastricht takes ~2.5 hours and requires a transfer at Utrecht Central Station, 30 minutes into the journey. The onward train to Maastricht is on an adjacent platform (allow 6 minutes).

From Eindhoven airport

From the airport, take the bus going to the train station (15 minute transfer, 3.00 EUR fare). At the train station take the train to Maastricht (direct train, unless announced otherwise). The journey takes ~1 hour, and the single trip fare is ~15.00 EUR.

From Brussels airport

By train

There are two routes, both just over 2 hours in duration, both with 2 changes and both costing ~25.00-30.00 EUR.

  • Airport > Brussels Noord > Liège-Guillemins > Maastricht
  • Airport > Leuven > Liège-Guillemins > Maastricht

By shuttle bus

Alternatively you can arrange a shuttle bus to pick you up at Brussels Airport (often in combination with other passengers, so you might have to wait a bit). The fare is 40.00 EUR, or 70.00 EUR for a return trip. The journey itself is ~1.5 hours. [ further details ]

From Brussels South Charleroi airport

From Charleroi, catch the train to Liège, which run every 10-15 minutes. From Liège catch the Intercity train to Maastricht Central Station. The fare will be ~25.00-30.00 EUR. The itinerary for this route varies greatly.

From Brussels Midi (& Eurostar) railway station

By train

From Brussels Midi, catch the train to Liège-Guillemins, and then change for Maastricht. The journey is less than 2 hours and costs ~25.00-30.00 EUR.

By shuttle bus

Alternatively if there is enough demand (e.g. especially if few people travel together), you can arrange a shuttle bus to pick you up. Contact to arrange this.

From Cologne Bonn airport

From the airport, catch the shuttle bus to the main railway station in Cologne (4.80 EUR). Then catch a train to Aachen main station (~20.00 EUR). From there catch 'Veolia' bus 50 to Maastricht train station, running every 15 minutes. The bus station in Aachen can be found near the train station. Just go to the main exit, walk across the square to the left, where you should see the bus stop.

From Düsseldorf International airport

Catch the SkyTrain (or the bus when not in service) to Düsseldorf Flughafen station. From there you can catch a train to Maastricht - depending upon which service you catch, there will be two or three changes required. The fare will be ~20.00 EUR with the total journey to Maastricht taking over 2.5 hours. If you purchase your ticket in advance from Deutsche Bahn it should be valid on the SkyTrain.

By Car

Please contact Heidi Maurer in advance to see if there is parking available on campus.

If you do not have Sat-Nav, you can plan a customised route using ViaMichelin.

There are also directions on the Maastricht University website.