Provisional Programme

'An Actor on Multiple Stages: the EU as a Local, Regional and Global Power'

UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2018, Leuven, Belgium

This programme is provisional and subject to change.

The conference takes place in the Faculty of Social Sciences, KU Leuven (University of Leuven), Faculty of Social Sciences, Parkstraat 45 bus 3600, 3000 Leuven, Belgium.

Lunch and teas / coffees are provided at no cost to delegates throughout the conference.

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Breakout sessions will take place in the following seminar rooms: SW 02.05, 02.07, 02.15, 02.25, and 02.27

Wednesday 11th July 2018

20:00 23:00

Pre-Conference Welcome Drinks

Café Commerce
Herbert Hooverplein 16
3000 Leuven

Thursday 12th July 2018

08:30 09:00 Registration and Tea & Coffee (Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet)
09:00 09:15

Welcome Address (Aud. Jean Monnet)

UACES Graduate Forum Committee

09:15 10:30

Keynote Lecture (Aud. Jean Monnet)

Dr Kolja Raube (KU Leuven)

10:30 11:00 Refreshment Break (Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet)
11:00 12:30

Breakout Session 1

Panel A – Euroscepticism and Party Politics

Venue – 02.07

Chair: Alex Andrione-Moylan (KU Leuven)

  • Vladimir Bortun (University of Portsmouth): Plan B for Europe: A new kind of left-wing Euroscepticism?
  • Fatmanur Kaçar (Marmara University): Right-Wing Populism and Construction of the “Other”: Boundaries of Identity Politics at a Multilevel Europe
  • Teona Lavrelashvili (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven): Cooperation, competition and conflict. Europarties and their multiple local partners in Eastern Neighbourhood countries

Panel B – EU Trade Policy

Venue – 02.15

Chair: Anna Wambach (Newcastle University)

Panel C – Multilateralism and Diplomacy

Venue – 02.27

Chair: Quincy Cloet (Aberystwyth University)

12:30 13:30

Lunch (Provided) - Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet

13:30 15:00

Breakout Session 2

Venue – 02.07

Panel A – Contemporary European Legal Challenges

Chair: Anna-Luise Chané (KU Leuven)

  • Alžběta Recová (Palacky University): European legal profession in single digital market. What is the impact of online platforms on legal services market?
  • Justine Schönfeld-Quinn (University of Leiden): Legal Complexity in European Institutions - A Boon or a Bust for Marginalised Actors?
  • Eva Saeva (Newcastle University): The Network and Information Systems Directive (2016) and beyond: is the EU a global power in cyberspace?
  • Kamila Feddek (University of Glasgow): Questions about the EU's leadership in social security law in the context of the free movement of EU citizens

Panel B – Impact of the EU in Member States

Venue – 02.15

Chair: Christos Kourtelis (Loughborough University)

  • Nandor Revesz (University of Portsmouth): The effect of the Early Warning System on the Houses of Parliament
  • Karlis Bukovskis (Latvian Institute of International Affairs): International Political Economy of Europeanization: Swedish and Finnish Private Banks as Agents of Change in the Republic of Latvia
  • Christiana Cleridou (University of Bristol): Female voices and equal pay in Cyprus: the impact of EU accession
15:00 15:30 Refreshment Break (Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet)
15:30 17:00

Breakout Session 3

Panel A – European Neighbourhood Policy

Venue – 02.07

Chair: Andi Hoxhaj (University of Warwick)

Panel B – Rights and Cooperation in a (Dis)Integrating EU

Venue – 02.15

Chair: Peter Vermeersch (KU Leuven)

17:00 20:00

Drinks Reception and Graduate Forum Launch

ViaVia Reiscafé Leuven
Parkstraat 146
3000 Leuven


Friday 13th July 2018

09:00 09:30 Registration and Tea & Coffee (Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet)
09:30 11:00

Breakout Session 4

Panel A – European Foreign Policy

Venue – 02.07

Chair: Stephan Keukeleire (KU Leuven)

Panel B – Security and Defence Cooperation in Europe

Venue – 02.15

Chair: Andi Hoxhaj (University of Warwick)

  • Antonio Calcara (Vrije Universiteit Brussels): Investigating European Defence Industries: Conceptual and Methodological Concerns
  • Evangelia Sali (Fudan University): PESCO: Is the EU finally becoming a fully-fledged global power?
  • Daan Fonck (KU Leuven): The dynamics of the European Parliament’s diplomacy: complementing or hijacking EU foreign policy?

Panel C – Why Do We Need Critical European Studies?

Venue – 02.27

Chair: Francesca Colli (KU Leuven)

  • Vanessa Bilancetti (University of Rome La Sapienza): For a Critical Analysis of the New Economic Governance 
  • Rasmus Hovedskov Hansen (University of Sheffield): Moving beyond internal devaluation? EU wage policies during the Eurozone crisis
  • Charlotte Godziewski (University of Sheffield): Possibilities and limitations of EU health promotion governance: A post-structural approach to the study of political determinants of health 
  • Rachael Dickson (Queen’s University Belfast): Taking a critical approach to the EU’s management of migration: Creating tools for emancipation? 
11:00 11:30 Refreshment Break (Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet)
11:30 13:00

Breakout Session 5

Panel A – The EU's Energy Policy

Venue – 02.07

Chair: Katja Biedenkopf (KU Leuven)

Panel B – The EU's (Supra)National Governance: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

Venue – 02.15

Chair: Gustavo Müller (KU Leuven)

13:00 14:00 Lunch (Provided) - Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet
14:00 15:30

Plenary Session:

Practitioner-Academic Dialogue: 'The EU as an Actor on Multiple Stages'

(Aud. Jean Monnet)

Chair: Kamila Feddek (University of Glasgow)

  • Katja Biedenkopf (KU Leuven)
  • Nisida Gjoksi (European Commission)

Conference Closes

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