Terms & Conditions

Funding offer for accepted paper-givers

  • 100 GBP towards travel expenses;
  • 40 GBP towards accommodation for the night of Wednesday 23 April 2014;
  • 40 GBP towards accommodation for the night of Thursday 24 April 2014;

Conditions of funding

  • Funding is conditional upon attendance;
  • Funding is also conditional upon the provision of a completed paper for the conference by 7 April 2014. If the paper is not supplied, the funding offer will be withdrawn. By paper, we expect 6,000-8,000 words (not a chapter from your thesis; not a powerpoint presentation);
  • By sending us a paper, paper-givers give us permission to display the paper on our website, before, during and after the conference;
  • Funding is only available to postgraduate students who are currently registered with a recognised university;
  • We cannot contribute towards accommodation expenses for any student who is currently registered at one of the following universities: Aston University, Birmingham City University, Coventry University, University of Birmingham, University of Wolverhampton or the University of Warwick;
  • Eligible accommodation is either a hotel, hostel or B&B. We cannot reimburse students who stay with friends or family;
  • We can only contribute towards accommodation for the nights of Wednesday 23 April 2014 and Thursday 24 April 2014;
  • Travel will only be eligible for funding if it takes place between 22-28 April 2014;
  • We can only contribute towards the cost of economy class travel.


  • Reimbursements will only be made to those who attend both days of the event;
  • Please keep all original receipts/tickets as you will need to supply these with your claim for travel and/or accommodation expenses (we keep the receipts);
  • For electronic receipts, please print an extra copy and bring with you to the conference;
  • Expenses will be reimbursed by cheque for UK-based students and by paypal for non-UK students. Please set up a Paypal account in advance of the conference if you do not already have one;
  • Claims must be submitted between 24 April and 9 May 2014.


  • If you can no longer attend the conference for any reason, please tell us as soon as possible and before 7 April 2014.


If you have any questions about the funding available, please email admin@uaces.org before the 7 April 2014 and before you spend any money.

Image Source: Flickr/Brian Clift/CC BY 2.0