UACES as an organisation actively promotes gender balance in the formation of panels at its annual conference1 and at UACES-sponsored events.

As such, UACES does not permit all-male panels.┬áPlease take this into account when submitting panel suggestions. A panel is designated as constituting more than two participants*. 

*Please note that for the UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2019 in Manchester, your panel proposal must consist of 3 or 4 participants (see all submission guidelines here).

1Due to last minute cancellations, non-registration and unexpected non-attendance at the conference, there could be a scenario, in exceptional circumstances, where UACES is faced with an all-male line-up for a panel at the annual conference. If it is impossible to re-arrange the presentations of the registered participants, UACES would proceed with the panel, rather than cancel these presentations, in this exceptional and unlikely scenario.