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Enhancing sustainable development and regional integration post COVID-19


The AFRICA-MEDITERRANEAN-EUROPE (AMENET) JEAN MONNET NETWORK in collaboration with the Department of Economics, University of Ghana is pleased to invite you to participate in the Third International Conference on REGIONAL INTEGRATION.

This conference aims to harness ideas on how to revive AME economies in an environmentally sustainable manner by getting experts to discuss and evaluate the impact of the pandemic on economic growth and development as well as options for ensuring growth, development and regional integration post-COVID -19. We are therefore kindly calling for contributions aimed at providing insights on the following, but not limited to these indicative themes:
i. Impact of COVID-19 on the environment
ii. Efficient natural resource exploitation in an era of COVID-19
iii. Climate change adaptation and city resilience
iv. Energy consumption, the environment and sustainable development; before and after COVID – 19
v. International trade and the environment post-COVID-19
vi. Educational reforms in the context of COVID-19: challenges and prospects
vii. ICT deployment for transformational growth post-COVID-19
viii. Vulnerabilities: Socio-cultural, health, poverty and inequality issues,
ix. Small, medium and large scale firm resilience and employee dynamism in the COVID-19 era and beyond
x. Tourism, transport and the hospitality industry in an era of COVID–19
xi. Regional integrations, grant and support packages for developing countries
xii. Investment and industrial diversification in different sectors of activity
xiii. Monetary and fiscal policies,
xiv. Internal and external migration

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22 - 23 Feb 2021 Online
Call for Papers open until 15 Dec 2020