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Speaking Not Listening: the Negative Impact of Enquiry-Based Learning

Maxine David, Heidi Maurer

In this article, we consider whether existing literature comprehensively considers the merits of traditional teaching methods versus enquiry-based learning approaches. We focus on issues related to listening and note-taking. Based on extensive experience using enquiry-based learning (David) and problem based learning (Maurer), we explore the question of whether certain key skills have actually been lost in the shift from traditional to innovative methods. We focus specifically on listening and note-taking skills, both of which are fundamental to learning processes but are also very useful, often necessary, workplace skills. These findings are significant in the context of literature which sees many of the benefits derived from EBL relating directly or indirectly to employability. In addition, we consider the consequences of EBL for the knowledge base. This is an issue better explored in the literature. However, the focus here is on whether the perceived narrowing of the students' knowledge base is a result of employment of EBL rather than PBL.

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