Requests for Panel Participants

A list of UACES 2018 panel proposals seeking additional participants

Please note:

  • These messages have NOT been circulated by representatives of the UACES conference organisers
  • These are ‘proposed’ panels – they have not been accepted for the conference
  • The list below is not comprehensive, and does not represent the full range of panels that will be part of the conference in Bath
  • It is possible that the individuals organising these panels may have already received enough responses to meet their request
  • If you don't get a timely response, consider submitting an individual paper proposal or organising your own panel.
  • Panel Title/Topic Contact More Information
    The European Union’s role in a future global sustainable world Rosa Fernandez, Helene Dyrhauge, Eric Pardo, Marco Siddi More info
    Gendering EU Studies Roberta Guerrina, Katharine A. M. Wright, Toni Haastrup, Hanna L. Muehlenhoff, Annick Masselot More info
    Integration in European Energy Governance: Theory and Mechanisms Michèle Knodt, Jonas Schoenefeld More info
    Technology-Security-Society interplays in Europe André Barrinha, Bruno Oliveira Martins (INTERSECT: UACES CRN) More info
    Emmanuel Macron and Leadership in the EU Miguel Otero Iglesias, Albrecht Sonntag More info
    Financial Accountability in the European Union

    Hartmut Aden, María Luisa Sánchez Barrueco, Paul Stephenson (EUFINACCO: UACES CRN)

    More info
    The Rise of Politics of Emergency and Exceptionalism in Europe

    Alper Kaliber

    More info
    Current reform of EMU – improving or derailing social justice?

    Dagmar Schiek, Sara Clavero

    More info
    Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy

    Sara Drake, Melanie Smith

    More info
    Assessing the impact of Euroscepticism on institutions

    Nathalie Brack, Nicolò Conti

    More info

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