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Drew Scott, University of Edinburgh

Professor Drew Scott, University of Edinburgh

"In 2018 UACES will honour Professor Drew Scott of the University of Edinburgh with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Since 2005, this award is presented to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to what 2008 Lifetime Achievement award winner Alan Milward memorably called the ‘European Movement’.  By this, Milward meant the breaching of established academic boundaries -  be they institutionalised in university departments or constructed into ‘disciplines’ – in order to bring fresh thinking to bear on new problems, such as the ‘sordid compromises of Brussels’.

In 2018 we commend the quality and versatility of Drew’s thinking and writing about Europe; the inspirational excellence of his teaching and speaking on the subject; and his unstinting public service (a far richer notion than ‘impact’) as academic expert, most crucially at this time with the Scottish government." — Helen Drake, UACES Chair

The award will be presented at the UACES Annual Conference Dinner in Bath on 4 September 2018.

We've asked some colleagues and friends to write a few words about Drew:

"Working with Drew, as I did for four years at Heriot-Watt University when we were both in our first academic job, was a turning-point in my career leading to numerous collaborations (and a long friendship). It was Drew’s suggestion that we throw our hat into the ring as applicants to edit the Journal of Common Market Studies. In the ensuing term (1991-8) we made major editorial changes, including enhancing its inter/multi-disciplinary nature and introducing the Annual Review. In the early 2000s, along with collaborators from Edinburgh and Manchester universities we cooperated on two ESRC projects on the impact of devolution on EU policy-making in the UK.

Drew’s career reflects the multi-disciplinarity of European Studies. He trained as an economist and worked on monetary integration and cohesion policy. By the time he was in the University of Edinburgh’s Europa Institute from the 1990s his expertise had widened to political analysis at a time when most economists were becoming narrower in their disciplinary approach. All this in a Law School!

Drew has been the consummate academic in what we now term ‘impact’, having advised the EU’s Statistical Office, undertaken long-term work with Campbell Christie, a Scottish trade union member of the Economic and Social Committee, and several years on secondment to the Scottish government advising on European policy during the Scottish independence referendum and in the aftermath of the EU referendum. The UACES Lifetime Achievement Award is a fitting recognition of Drew’s distinctive contribution to European Studies."

Simon Bulmer, University of Sheffield

"I first met Drew in the early 1990s when he and his co-editor of the Journal of Common Market Studies, Simon Bulmer, decided that JCMS should establish an Annual Review and that I should be invited to be the editor. I asked Drew to write the section of the Review that covered economic developments, which he did superbly throughout most of the 1990s.

Drew has had a somewhat unusual career, combing academic and practical work in a manner that can go largely unnoticed outside of Scotland. Regarding the academic work, he has focused on many aspects of the economics of European integration, including European economic policy coordination and the economic impact of EU policies on Scotland, as well as on Scottish devolution and the EU. He has also long held an important academic post as co-director of the prestigious Europa Institute at Edinburgh University. Regarding his practical work, Drew has been source of advice on the EU to many authorities, most notably in recent times to the Scottish Government."

Neill Nugent, Emeritus Professor of Politics and Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Manchester Metropolitan University

“European Studies is at its best when scholarship speaks across disciplines. As an economist who has spent much of his career in a law school and as a former editor of the JCMS, Drew Scott has brought intellectual breadth as well as depth to European Studies. He is the ideal person to ask for a “read” on an idea or an interpretation. His knowledge of the policy community grounds his understanding of the European project in the harsh realities of political and economic feasibility. It also ensures that the seriousness of his scholarship is often characteristically leavened by a wealth of insider anecdotes that entertain but also inform.”

Kenneth Armstrong, University of Cambridge

"Drew has worked incredibly hard to develop and maintain the profile of the Edinburgh Europa Institute both academically and within “civic Scotland", and latterly he has been an important bridge for the academic profession to practitioners, with the work he has done with the Scottish Government. He has represented the University as distinction as well, as Dean for Europe, part of the portfolio of University internationalisation activities, which has become much more important since the Brexit vote in 2016."

Jo Shaw, Edinburgh Law School

"Drew’s contributions range from establishing (with Simon Bulmer) the JCMS as the leading journal in the study of European integration, through his work on Cohesion Policy,  to his long tenure at the Europa Institute.  He and I might disagree about the wisdom of Scottish nationalism, but the conversations were always lively. For those of us lucky enough to be in the know, the one thing guaranteed was that if you sought out Drew (and the greatly missed Dave Allen) at conferences or events, you could be sure you were going to have fun."

Iain Begg, LSE European Institute

"Drew joined the Europa Institute from Heriot Watt in 1991 as a Jean Monnet lecturer and made an immediate difference. Hitherto the Institute ,located in the Law Faculty had centred on European Law:with my arrival and the recruitment of David Miller political science was added and Drew brought an economics perspective. Drew is a sensationally good teacher and his courses proved very popular and innovative. The enthusiasm and skill he brought to his teaching made him a notable conference participant and paper  giver on the European Studies circuit. He is certainly one of the best I have heard in a long career.

Shortly after his arrival he and Simon Bulmer became Editors of the JCMS.It is not an exaggeration to say that they transformed it and set in on a stellar  course which has lasted till the present. They ensured that the overall level of the articles was consistently high ,improved the disciplinary balance and launched the Annual Review. They also hosted the amazing 30th Anniversary JCMS Conference which included a glittering array of legends including Joe Weiler ,Leon Lindberg, Anne Marie Slaughter and Andy Moravcsik.

Drew and I worked very closely together in a whole series of events surrounding the Edinburgh Summit of 1992 including the Hon Doc for Jacques Delors and a whole series of conferences and events .Drew’s flair and tireless enthusiasm contributed to making it the most exciting year of my professional life.

I was greatly delighted when Drew married Aileen,one of my first students at Edinburgh.
Drew has made a huge difference in European Studies and is a  very worthy winner.

William Paterson, Director of the Edinburgh Europa Institute 1990 -1994

Drew's colleagues and friends are also sharing messages of congratulations and testimonials on social media (via @uaces @uaceseurope). We will be compiling them on this page...