jean monnet 30

In 2019, the European Commission celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities.

With generous funding from the Jean Monnet programme over many years, UACES has put on a range of events and activities promoting European Studies worldwide.

Below, we look back over the history of UACES's Jean Monnet activities and events up to the present day.

We also invite UACES members worldwide to share their Jean Monnet stories. To be featured in our social media story, use the hashtag #JeanMonnet30 and tag @UACES or submit your memories, reflections, photos and anecdotes to for publication on the UACES blog (subject to editorial discretion). Don't forget you can also submit your Jean Monnet events to the UACES online calendar and send any associated opportunities around the members' email list.

We will also be dedicating our annual conference drinks reception at the UACES 49th Annual Conference in Lisbon to a celebration of the Jean Monnet activities of UACES and our members.

UACES-Jean Monnet Activities (2007-2020)

Communicating Europe More Effectively – 2007-10

Associations of Professors and Researchers

The project funded 3 annual lectures, the redevelopment of the UACES website and the publication of the UACES quarterly newsletter.

New Frontiers in European Studies – 2010-11

Information and Research Activities

The project funded two student conferences: a research conference at the University of Surrey and a one-day professional development event for students in London.

The Lisbon Treaty Evaluated – 2010-11

Information and Research Activities

One year on from the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, this project investigated its effect on the EU. The funding supported a flagship conference in London and outputs such as audio recordings and blog posts.

Evolving Europe – 2012-13

Information and Research Activities

Marking the 40th anniversary of the UK’s accession to the then European Economic Community, this project comprised a flagship research conference in London, two student-focused events in London and Loughborough and a series of lectures across the UK’s capitals

Building Networks – 2012-15

Associations of Professors and Researchers

Supporting UACES ongoing work including 12 UACES Arena seminars in Brussels, 6 new Research Networks, and two plenary sessions at the UACES annual conference.

The Future of Research in and on the European Union - 2013-14

Information and Research Activities

This project provided funding to run a 2-day professional development conference for students in London (Student Forum Seminars) and a 2-day research conference at Aston University in Birmingham.

Teaching Young People European Studies (TYPES) – 2014-16

Jean Monnet Projects

The TYPES project supported UACES’s ongoing work with PhD students in the form of 2 Student Forum Seminars (Edinburgh and London) and 2 research conferences (Belfast and Brussels). It also funded a new activity for UACES: school simulations. UACES staff and members worked with secondary school students to run simulations looking at free movement and the rights of refugees in Europe.

ANTERO – 2014-17

Jean Monnet Networks

UACES worked with 8 partners (University College Dublin, London School of Economics & Political Science, Maastricht University, University of Kent, University of Leuven, European University Institute, University of Oslo and University of Tampere) in order to run this network. UACES was principally involved in the management of the ANTERO exchange bursaries.

Europe in the Archives, Europe in the Future – 2016-18

Jean Monnet Project

This project marked the 50th anniversary of UACES and the deposit of the UACES archives at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence. It funded 2 information events at UACES annual conferences, 2 student-focused events in London and Newcastle, a scholarship to assist an Early-Career researcher with visiting the UACES archives and writing a conference paper about the materials and a flagship event at the European University Institute in Florence which examined the history of European studies as a discipline.

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UACES as a Hub for Expertise in Post-Brexit UK – 2017-20

Jean Monnet Support for Associations

This 3-year project is supporting core UACES activities including the redevelopment of our website, 3 scholarships for archival scholars to visit the Historical Archives of the European Union and 6 events for students and early-career researchers which are taking place across Europe.

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NORTIA – 2017-20

Jean Monnet Networks

UACES is working with 9 partners (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals, KU Leuven, Leiden University, Maastricht University, European University Institute, University College Dublin, University of Kent) in order to run this network. UACES is principally involved in the management of the NORTIA exchange bursaries.

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DIMES – 2019-2022

Jean Monnet PROJECT

UACES and the European Studies Association of Sub-Saharan Africa (ESA-SSA) are pleased to announce that we have been granted funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union for our Jean Monnet Project ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Multidisciplinarity in European Studies’ (DIMES). This project seeks to explore ways to increase diversity within the field of European Studies, in particular with regards to the ethnicity, disciplinary focus and geographical location of its participants.

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