European Studies is a diverse and interdisciplinary subject area which is self evident from the theses titles displayed below.

Demarcating political frontiers in Turkey: "Europe-as-hegemony" and discourses after 1999Basak AlpanUniversity of Birmingham2010
Power, Order and Change in International Politics:: Is the Cosmocratical Community a Future Answer to the Past and Present Power Politics?Melanie AntoniouUniversity of Leeds2008
Multi-level Territorial Attachments. The Influence of Territorial Attachments on Political Trust and Welfare Attitudes.Linda BergUniversity of Edinburgh2007
Europe in Question: The Role of Political Information in Referendums on European IntegrationSarah Binzer HoboltUniversity of Cambridge2005
The Europeanization of Judicial Reform and Industrial Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe: the case of BulgariaDiana BozhilovaKing's College London2007
A Normal Parliament? Conflicting Loyalties in the European Parliament: Impacting Factors and Long-Term Effects on the European Party SystemStefano BraghiroliUniversity of Siena2010
Backstage Europe: Comitology, accountability and democracy in the European UnionGijs Jan BrandsmaUtrecht University2010
The Accountability of European Agencies: Legal Provisions and Ongoing PracticesMadalina BusuiocUtrecht University2010
The Common Foreign & Security Policy of the European Union as a System of Governance: The Euro-Mediterranean PartnershipPaul James CardwellUniversity of Edinburgh2009
EURATOM: Nuclear Norm Competition between Allies, 1955-1957Eunjeong ChoUniversity of Warwick2012
Transformation or regulation? : understanding the European union’s approach to conflict resolution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and KosovoLaurence CooleyUniversity of Birmingham2013
Free Movement and European Union Enlargement: A Socio-Legal Analysis of the Rights and Experiences of Polish Migrant Workers in the UKSamantha CurrieUniversity of Liverpool2007
Environmental Policy-Making in Hungary and RomaniaSimona DavidescuQueen's University Belfast2008
EU Law and the Question of JusticeFloris de WitteLondon School of Economics and Political Science2012
European integration and foreign policy in Central and Eastern Europe: the cases of Hungary, Slovakia and RomaniaSorin DencaUniversity of Birmingham2011
The Role of the Council Secretariat and the European Commission in EU Foreign PolicyHylke DijkstraMaastricht University2011
EUrope and the EUropean: Definition, Redefinition, Identity and BelongingSobrina EdwardsUniversity of Sussex2009
Ethnic Politics in Europe: The Impact of Ideas and Minority Elite StrategiesEgor FedotovUniversity of Aberdeen2011
Negotiating the Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement with South Africa: A Case Study of the EU Agenda-Setting ProcessMagdalena Frennhoff LarsénUniversity of Westminster2006
European Integration and Social Capital: a study of trust amongst small businesses in 4 EU CountriesClorinda GoodmanUniversity of Bristol2004
A Cosmopolitan Europe by Constitutional Means? Assessing the Theoretical Foundations of Habermas’ Political PrescriptionsShivdeep GrewalUniversity of Essex2005
The rights of minorities in the European UnionGulara GuliyevaUniversity of Birmingham2010
Decision-Making in the Council of the European Union: The Role of CommitteesFrank HägeUniversiteit Leiden2008
Masters of their own success?Sarah HarrisonLondon School of Economics and Political Science2010
The Agricultural Advisory Committees and their Role in the Legitimisation of European Commission Activities in the European Agricultural Policy SectorKaren Heard-LauréoteUniversity of Portsmouth2005
Justifications for sex discrimination in employment : a comparative study of the law of the European Community, in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Federal Republic of Germany.Tamara HerveyUniversity of Sheffield1992
The Role of Security Discourses in the Eastern Enlargement of the EUAtsuko HigashinoUniversity of Birmingham2005
The Democratic Legitimacy of EU Counter-Terrorism Policing: Challenges for Parliamentary and Judicial ScrutinyClaudia HillebrandAberystwyth University2010
Economic Governance and the Dual Outcome in Euro Area Fiscal Policy 1999-2002Dermot HodsonLondon School of Economics and Political Science2004
Does Process Matter? Treaty Reform in the European UnionLars HoffmanUniversity of Oxford2008
National Parliaments and European Constitutionalism: Accountability Beyond BordersDavor JancicUtrecht University2011
European Monetary Union and Institutional Change: The Perverse Effects of Supranational Macroeconomic Regimes on Wage InflationAlison JohnstonLondon School of Economics and Political Science2011
Europeanisation of the Icelandic Policy ProcessJóhanna JónsdóttirUniversity of Cambridge2010
Who Speaks for Europe in the ILO?  Member State coordination and European Union representation in the International Labour OrganisationRobert KissackLondon School of Economics and Political Science2006
All Roads Lead Away from Rome: A Liberal Theory of International RegimesMareike KleineFreie Universität Berlin2009
Lobbying in the European Union: Interest Group Influence on Policy FormulationHeike KlüverUniversity of Mannheim2010
Ambiguous Borders: the European Commission and the reconstruction of bordersValentina KostadinovaUniversity of Birmingham2010
Institutions and Science in the Authorization of GMO Releases in the EU (1990-2007): The False Promise of ProceduralismMihalis KritikosLondon School of Economics and Political Science2007
Individual Transnationalism and EU Support: An Empirical Test of Deutsch’s Transactionalist TheoryTheresa KuhnEuropean University Institute2011
Agents in Brussels: Delegation and Democracy in the European UnionThomas LarueUmeå University2006
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