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Institute of Europe

Kaunas University of Technology

Institute of Europe (IE) was founded in 1998 as a Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Kaunas University of Technology.


From 2001 it has a status of University's Institute, associated with the Faculty of Social Sciences.


The vision: In co-operation with other University departments, State and European institutions

  • organise, co-ordinate and investigate
    • outcomes of European integration in cultural, social and economic domains, especially in the field of technologies and production;
    • accumulation and dissemination of the official information on the European Union;
  • to participate in the EU Jean Monnet studies programme;
  • to join the European Union information network;
  • to encourage the application of research outcomes in practice at the University and within the country;
  • to pursue consulting and educative activities at large.

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