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Dept of Government & Politics

University College Cork

The Department of Government and Politics provides an energetic and supportive learning environment for students seeking a career in politics, governance and industry and for professionals wishing to update their knowledge and improve their governing skills. Known for its student-friendly approach to education, the Department actively engages in research, conferences and mentoring which enrich the learning experience. Situated in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, the Department of Government and Politics epitomises the changes afoot in the more globalised and Europeanised setting of governance, politics and business by operating with awareness of both the local picture and of the larger context. Staff reflect this 'multi-level' approach to politics with expertise and professional connections that range from local and national politics, to international issues and global governance. The Department is continually renewing its programmes to maintain this relevance and to translate the opportunities of a new age into quality teaching for its students. Academic staff are also involved in a number of EU and national projects supported by Horizon 2020, ESRC, Irish Research Council and Erasmus+ Jean Monnet.

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