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European Public Law Organization

The EPLO is an international organization dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the area of Public Law lato sensu and Governance, including but not limited to, inter alia, national, comparative and European public law, human rights law and environmental law and the promotion of European values for a better generation of lawyers and democratic institutions worldwide. The EPLO was established in 2007 in Athens, Greece, as the continuation of the European Public Law Center (EPLC), a non-profit institution of international character, established in 1995 under the Law of the Hellenic Republic. To this date, it has developed, organized, promoted and supported more than 200 educational, research, training, institution building and other activities and has provided assistance to democratic institutions in more than 70 countries. In order to accomplish its purposes, the EPLO promotes the cooperation with other institutions, organizations and bodies in particular within the United Nations system such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Labor Organization and the International Organization for Migration. 16 States, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, 4 public authorities and 69 Universities and Institutions comprise the EPLO Board of Directors. The work of the EPLO focuses on four pillars, namely, education and training, research, institution building & technical cooperation and publications; each perpetually contributing to the improvement of the other through an integrative approach.


The European Law and Governance School a special Agency of the EPLO was founded upon the belief that the European Union plays a crucial role in ensuring global stability, promoting democracy, and the overall progress of mankind, and that the core values of the European Union must be upheld while it strives for better integration. The vision is to create a generation of youth that will identify themselves as Europeans, that will serve Europe, and that will disseminate the idea, culture and values of Europe throughout the world. The ELGS provides interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Law and Governance and is honored to have the support and partnership of 30 of the world's most prestigious universities and to be under the leadership of the leading minds in law and governance scholarship.

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