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The Faculty of International Legal Relations

The Faculty of International Legal Relations of the National University Odessa Law Academy consists of 734 students, and there are students from 13 countries: Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkmenistan, China, Moldova, Israel, Nigeria, Armenia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Guinea, the Russian Federation, and Jordan.

We offer the opportunity of obtaining Bachelor degrees in the fields of Public International Law, and Private International Law. Students who wish to continue their studies can undertake Master Programme in the International and European law, which is taught entirely in English.

During recent years, many Faculty members had monographs published, which covered such topics as: the role of the European Court of Human Rights; the Legal History of European Economic Integration; and the legal approximation under EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Particular consideration is given to comparative law, and to the reappraisal of legal families. Furthermore, students have access to the best legal library in southern Ukraine, which helps them to improve their legal studies, and to further their personal interests.

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