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Department of Political Science

Karlstad University

The function of politics - as it is studied at Karlstad - is seen as comprehensive and highly relevant - in helping to establish and change how societies are built and formed, influence the notion and exercise of power and power relationships, affect underlying values, interests and identities, shape re-distributive policies, as well as impact upon working and social relationships.

You can study political science here at Karlstad at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Political Science in Karlstad continues to develop its portfolio in European and Regional Politics. In 2008, the Department, for example, was awarded EU funding and recognition form the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme for its Jean Monnet module in Regional Action and the European Union (15 ECTS credits). This learning module has been developed as a resource to enable interested students to further understand and study the dynamics and characteristics of this process, which can be collectively labeled as "Regional Action".

The regional level is increasingly seen as having a crucial role in the promotion and delivery of sustainable economic growth for European societies as well as being a focus for the implementation of EU policies. This ongoing process has prompted scholars and practitioners to revaluate the importance of the regional level as a context for political action and activities, and even in unitary nation-states, such as, the Nordic countries. Studying the political dynamics at the regional level remains a central rationale and a point of continuing development and academic expertise for Political Science at Karlstad.

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