To apply, send a proposal to:


Proposals must set out a clear plan for the intended three year funding period, commencing in the Spring/Summer following the deadline.

Proposals must include the following information:

  • A title for the network;
  • Name, position and email address of intended network co-ordinator(s);
  • An indication of how the Research Network will be managed and what roles will be delegated;
  • Area of research activity, including the intellectual rationale for establishing a CRN in this field (300-500 words);
  • List of intended members and target groups of the network, with a clear indication as to who has already agreed to participate;
  • A statement of the Research Network’s intended activities and outputs, together with targets for each year;
  • A statement as to how the Research Network will encourage access and participation;
  • A commitment towards establishing an online presence for the network, with a website in the first year;
  • A budget for the three year funding period, including an annual budget for each year of activity;
  • A commitment from the intended co-ordinator of the Research Network or suitable Higher Education Institution (HEI) officer to administer the financial aspects of the network.

Please make sure that you have read and understood the Assessment Criteria and the information about Finances before submitting your proposal.


The deadline for the next round of applications is Friday 25 October 2019.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application by return email.