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Markus Thiel, Prof

Florida International University, Politics & International Relations

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United States

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Politics & International Relations


Prof Thiel has domestic and international radio experience, and is Guest OpEd contributor to the Miami Herald on European/EU Politics issues.

Language Skills

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish (basic)


Dr. Thiel is Associate Professor in International Relations and Director of FIU's Jean Monnet Center of Excellence. He has published several EU-related articles and book chapters at the EU Center of Excellence as well as in Transatlantic Monthly, International Studies Compendium, Journal of Human Rights, Perspectives on European Politics & Society and the Journal of European Integration. He published The Limits of Transnationalism: Collective Identities and EU Integration (Palgrave, 2011) and also co-edited four volumes: one with Lisa Prügl on Diversity and the European Union (Palgrave, 2009), one with Roger Coate on Identity politics in the Age of Globalization (Lynne Rienner/First Forum Press, 2010), one with Rebecca Friedman on European Identity and Culture: Narratives of Transnational Belonging (Ashgate, 2012), and the latest one on Sexual Politics in IR: how LGBTQ claims shape IR (Routledge, 2015). His current project focuses on focuses on the promotion of rights policies through civil society based on the EU's Fundamental Rights Charter/Agency (forthcoming 2016).