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Joanna Szostek, Dr

University of Glasgow, School of Social and Political Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Country of residence

United Kingdom

Online Academic Profile

Research Discipline

Politics & International Relations


Dr Szostek gives comments to the press upon request and has been interviewed by BBC radio about the crisis in Ukraine.

Language Skills

  • Russian (full professional proficiency)
  • Ukrainian (good reading and listening skills)
  • French (good reading and listening skills)
  • English (native proficiency)


Dr Szostek is a university researcher specializing in post-Soviet media and politics. She recently completed a three-year EU-funded study of media use and the reception of (geo-)political narratives in Ukraine. For details, see the project website at Her previous projects have explored the association between media use and geopolitical views among young Russians, and factors that shape news coverage of Russia in Ukraine and Belarus. Research by Dr Szostek is published in the peer-reviewed journals Perspectives on Politics, New Media & Society, the International Journal of Press/Politics, Geopolitics, Europe-Asia Studies, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, East European Politics & Societies and Digital Icons. Dr Szostek completed a DPhil in Politics at the University of Oxford in 2013. She entered academia after working for the BBC as a senior monitoring journalist.