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Mechthild Roos, Dr

Augsburg University, Social Sciences

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Politics & International Relations


Dr. Mechthild Roos has repeatedly commented on current events in the context of European elections, Brexit, the European Parliament, EU social policy, and the EU's history and development, amongst other issues. She has been interviewed by radio, print and online media in the UK, Germany, France and Luxembourg, as well as by transnational media.

Language Skills

  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • French (intermediary)


Dr. Mechthild Roos is a Lecturer in Comparative Politics at Augsburg University. In her current research, she analyses different EU countries' healthcare regulations with regard to refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, she studies in different research projects the informal dimensions of EU politics, the activism of EU supranational institutions, the institutional development of the European Parliament (EP), and the evolution of a European social policy.Before coming to Augsburg, Mechthild worked as a PhD student at the University of Luxembourg's Institute of Political Science, and was Jean Monnet Guest Scholar at the Centre for European Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University. Since 2017, she has been involved in the global data collection project 'Varieties of Democracy' (V-Dem) as country coordinator for Luxembourg.Mechthild has published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, has co-edited a special issue in the Journal of Contemporary European Research on EU supranational activism and a volume with Routledge on 'The Informal Construction of Europe'. Keen to contribute to a lively exchange between the research community and the world outside academia, she has also published on academic blogs, and has commented on current and past political events and developments in various media.