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Laney Lenox, Ms

Ulster University, School of Applied Policy and Social Sciences

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United Kingdom

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Sociology & Social Policy


Laney Lenox has past experience as a freelance writer and editor, published both online and in print.Recently, Lenox has re-entered the world of journalism to communicate her research to a non-academic audience. Her most recent piece can be found in Northern Slant.

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  • English (Native Speaker)


Laney Lenox is a PhD researcher at the School of Applied Policy and Social Science, Ulster University. Her research focuses on the interaction of perceptions of time with participatory mechanisms for dealing with the past in peace processes. Specifically, her work examines archives documenting experience of prisons in peace process spaces and societies in political transformation. Her field work, which will take her to Berlin and Cape Town, specifically focuses on archives documenting experiences of incarceration. Her work falls broadly into critical and radical post-colonial theory with an anthropological approach to field work. She's particularly interested in viewing linear time as a social construct and in understanding how this relates to power structures when discussing 'dealing with the past' in these conflict-affected sites. She previously worked as a journalist, an archival consultant, a creative writing teacher, and a community engagement practitioner for a non-profit organization.