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Wilhelm Lehmann, Dr

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Politics & International Relations


Dr Lehmann has been interviewed on European politics and constitutional affairs by European public radio stations.

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Wilhelm Lehmann has obtained a PhD in social sciences (political science, economics and psychology) at the University of Munich, including postgraduate work at Stanford University. He is also a trained diplomat (state examination for the German diplomatic service).After holding positions in international science cooperation and research management at the German Foreign Office and Ministry of Research and Technology he became an official of the European Parliament in 1994. Over the past 15 years he has been dealing with European constitutional affairs and the history of EU treaty reform. Formerly Head of Unit in DG European Parliamentary Research Service, he is now Adviser in that Directorate General as well as Visiting Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advances Studies at the European University Institute.Wilhelm teaches a Master's course at the law faculty of the University of Grenoble, where he is a member of the Centre d´Excellence Jean Monnet. He also teaches at the École nationale d´administration in France. His publications cover topics such as interest representation, electoral law, treaty reform and European governance.