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George Kyris, Dr

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United Kingdom

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Politics & International Relations


Dr Kyris has extensive media experience. He has been invited to comment for international printed and broadcast media, such as the Guardian, the Telegraph or the BBC Website, Radio and TV on a variety of international and European issues. He has also commented for more regional news outlets, such as Russian Business Daily, Hürriyet Daily News, Kathimerini newspaper or Sigma TV in Cyprus. He is a regular contributor to the Conversation and has also written for policy platforms like LSE Blogs or Manchester Policy Blogs, and for leading European news agencies, like Euractiv and EUObserver.

Language Skills

  • English
  • Greek


Dr George Kyris is Lecturer in International and European Politics at the University of Birmingham. Previously, he has been a Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick, a Research Fellow at the LSE and has also taught at the University of Manchester.His main research focus is conflict and unrecognised states, especially in relation to the EU. More recently, he has also been interested in the politics of the Eurozone crisis, political parties and euroscepticism. His regional interests lie in Southeast Europe, especially Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.Dr Kyris' list of publications includes his book 'The Europeanisation of Contested States: The EU in northern Cyprus' (Ashgate 2015), articles for the Journal of Common Market Studies and Comparative European Politics and he has also been invited to comment for media like the Guardian, EurActiv, EUObserver and the BBC TV and radio- Media Availability in spoken and written English and Greek.