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Christopher Huggins, Dr

Keele University, School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment

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United Kingdom

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Politics & International Relations

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  • English (native speaker)


I was awarded an MA in European Studies from the University of Portsmouth in 2008 and obtained my PhD from the University of Portsmouth in 2015.My teaching duties at Keele focus mainly on the European Union and Comparative Politics, while my research interests centre around the role of sub-national authorities in European Union politics.My research focuses on the Europeanization of sub-national government and how local authorities actively engage with the European Union, often bypassing their national governments. As part of this I have studied participation in transnational networking undertaken by local authorities in centralized and unitary states, assessing its extent, the motivations held by those participating and how effectively they engage. I am now seeking to broaden these conclusions and conduct a comparative analysis with the activities of sub-national government in decentralized and federal states. Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, I am also focused on how English local government will be affected by Brexit, and what this means for future EU engagement by local authorities.