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Ben Duke, Dr

Keele University, Human Geography

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United Kingdom

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Politics & International Relations


Ben Duke peer reviews discussion papers for two think tank organisations. He delivered the UACES Spring Arena Seminar, 17 June 2015.He gave two different presentations at the AMECIP 2015 3rd Annual Congress (Mexico Political Studies Association) Guadalajara 16 and 17 July 2015. He gave a presentation at the ECPR Graduate Student Conference, Tartu Estonia, 2016, and at the ECPR General Conference, Prague Czech Republic, 2016. Ben Duke was a Panel discussant at TARN Conference, Florence Italy, 2016. He was also a Panel discussant and paper presenter at the 6th UACES Workshop EU-China Relations in Global Politics, Taipei Taiwan, 2017.


I passed my PhD in Social Policy, 6 December 2017 at Keele University. I studied various aspects of work placements on higher education students. I have a great interest in European political science and the UK Brexit. I have had a European politics book chapter and three discussion papers published. I have presented European political science research at several national and international conferences. My research interests are the UK Brexit. What will the UK's social, political and economic landscape look like post2020 Brexit? I am also interested in the European Union, especially identifying different causal factors which promote or impede European integration. There is an existential threat to the EU project as a whole. A successful UK Brexit could encourage other current EU member states to follow suit and leave the EU. EU candidacy nations could choose to put their applications on hold. Scotland, a constituent part of the UK is being forced by Brexit to leave the EU. It appears likely this will lead to a second Scottish Independence Referendum, diminishing the UK's standing in the EU and beyond. Are the EU leaders aware of these tensions and putting plans in place to protect the EU from destruction?