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Angela Carpenter, Dr

University of Leeds, School of Earth and Environment

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United Kingdom

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Politics & International Relations

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  • English (native)


Currently Visiting Researcher, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, working in the areas of governance, policy and the environment, with a specific interest in marine environmental policy and maritime security. I have undertaken research in the areas of EU maritime transport; EU border security via its maritime coasts and ports; use of satellites for maritime security and safety, and for environmental monitoring. I am working on a number of research papers with colleagues in the UK, Netherlands, Mexico, Russian Federation and Japan, for example. Recently edited a volume on Oil Pollution in the North Sea in the Springer Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, contributing a number of articles to that volume. Currently co-editor (lead) for a Volume (in two parts) on Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea for the same series. Interests include sustainability, sustainable ports, EU maritime transport, EU marine environment.