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Isabel Camisao, Dr

University of Évora, School of Social Sciences, Dep. of Economy

Areas of Expertise

Country of residence


Research Discipline

Politics & International Relations

Language Skills

  • Portuguese (native)
  • English (16 years)
  • French (7 years)


Isabel Camisão has a Ph.D in Political Science and International Relations. She is Assistant Professor at the University of Évora, Portugal, full member of the Research Centre in Political Science (CICP), and Editor-in-chief of the Perspectivas - Portuguese Journal of Political Science. Her main areas of research are: EU Governance and Institutions; Political leadership; International negotiation. Recent publications include: Camisão, Isabel and Guimarães, Maria Helena. 2016. "The Commission, the Single Market and the crisis: the limits of purposeful opportunism". Journal of Common Market Studies, early view pp. 1-17, DOI 10.1111/jcms.12464. Silveira, Alessandra, and Camisão, Isabel. 2016. "Federative dynamics in the EU under the influence of EU citizenship rights in times of crisis". Studia Diplomatica, SI "Various shades of federalism: Which responses to the rise of populism and euroscepticism?" Org. Sophie Heine. LXVII (4). Camisão, Isabel. 2015. "Irrelevant player? The Commission's role during the Eurozone crisis". Journal of Contemporary European Research, 11 (3), pp. 268-286.Camisão, Isabel. 2015. "Citizens' trust in the EU: The impact of the constitutional and the Eurozone crises". Czech Journal of Political Science, XXII (1), pp. 3-25.