Egle Dagilyte, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Fundamental Rights and the EU, Enforcement of EU Law, Implementation of EU Law, Division of competences, European Citizenship and Identity, Internal Market (Single Market), European Court of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Justice, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Employment, Racism and Xenophobia, Poverty, Social exclusion

Mechthild Herzog, Miss

Areas of Expertise: European Parliament, EU - the basics; or How Does the EU Work?, History of European Integration, Theories of and Conceptual Approaches to European Integration, Treaties: Rome, Arctic, Asylum and Immigration, Education, Employment, Equal Opportunities and Discrimination, Gender, Poverty, Social care

Liliana Pop, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Romania, United Kingdom, Western Balkans, Central & Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), United Nations, World Bank, Poverty, Sustainability, Renewables, Public Goods and Services

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