Henri de Waele, Prof

Areas of Expertise: European law, European integration, EU institutions, European Court of Justice, International law, EU external relations, EU law, European Council, international organisations, Netherlands, Belgium, European Commission, European Parliament

Ben Duke, Dr

Areas of Expertise: EU Institutions; EU Policy Areas; EU Member States; Other European States; European and Global Issues.

Maria Garcia, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Trade agreements, EU Trade policy EU-Latin America relations TTIP EU-Asia relations EU institutions Economic governance, Geographic Indicators, EU Trade Policy, TTIP, EU-Latin America relations, EU-Australasia relations, EU-Asia relations, EU institutions, Economic governance, Trade and social clauses

Edina Lilla Meszaros, Dr

Areas of Expertise: international relations, eu institutions and decision-making, migration and border security, EU frontiers, IR theories, security studies

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