Charlotte Burns, Dr

Areas of Expertise: European Parliament, Referendums and national elections, Environment, Brexit, Ordinary Legislative Procedure (Codecision)

Filipa Figueira, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Brexit, EU - the basics; or How Does the EU Work?, Budget, European Commission, Legitimacy of the EU, Reform of the European Union, Subsidiarity, Theories of and Conceptual Approaches to European Integration, Euro crisis, Euroscepticism, Federalism, Fiscal federalism, Europeanisation, Future of the EU, EU Competences

Katy Hayward, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Ireland, Surveillance society, Borders, Asylum and Immigration, Security, Conflict and Peace-building, Cross-border cooperation, Border security, Border regions, PEACE funding, Northern Ireland, Brexit, Europeanisation of Domestic Politics and Policy, Territorial Cohesion

Nikos Skoutaris, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Federalism, Conflict Resolution, EU law, EU External Relations, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Enlargement, ENP, Grexit, Brexit

Nicholas Startin, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Euroscepticism; Brexit; Radical Right; Far Right; globalisation; French elections

Nicholas Wright, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Council of Ministers (Council of the EU), EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security, European Commission, European Council, External Action Service (EAS), Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), Enlargement, History of European Integration, Treaties: Lisbon, United Kingdom, France, Germany, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), United Nations, Brexit

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