Robert Ackrill, Prof

Areas of Expertise: Budget, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Economic and Monetary policy (and EMU), Open Method of Coordination, International trade, World Trade Organisation (WTO), Agriculture, Climate Change, Energy Security, Environment, Renewables, Europeanisation

Adrienne Attorp, Miss

Areas of Expertise: Brexit, Brexit and Ireland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Agriculture, Environment

Pierre Bocquillon, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Council of Ministers (Council of the EU), European Council, European Commission, Internal Market (Single Market), Trans-European Networks (TENs), France, United Kingdom, European-Latin American relations, Energy / Power Supply, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Climate Change, Environment, Renewables, Sustainability

Ardi Priks, Mr

Areas of Expertise: Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Council of Ministers (Council of the EU), European Commission, Budget, European Interest Groups and Lobbying, Public Opinion, Reform of the European Union, Estonia, World Trade Organisation (WTO), Agriculture

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