Angela Carpenter, Dr

Areas of Expertise: Trans-European Networks (TENs), European Space Policy (and the ESA), Western Europe, Mediterranean, Transport, Oil and Gas, Sustainability, Environment, Pollution

Jonathan Millins, Mr

Areas of Expertise: European Investment Bank, European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Budget, Structural Funds, Territorial Cohesion, Trans-European Networks (TENs), Committee of the Regions, Council of Ministers (Council of the EU), European Commission: President, European Commission, European Parliament: Political Groups and Parties, European Parliament, Eastern Europe, Russian Federation, Belarus

Javier Ruiz Soler, Mr

Areas of Expertise: European Parliament: MEPs, European Citizenship and Identity, Trans-European Networks (TENs), Public Opinion, Spain, Sweden, Albania, Kosovo, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Media and Broadcasting, Education

Magdalena Zajaczkowska, Dr

Areas of Expertise: European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM), Internal Market (Single Market), Trans-European Networks (TENs), Enlargement, Poland, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Climate PolicyEnergy Policy, Energy security, Geopolitics, Oil and gas policy, Energy market, Oil and Gas, European Parliament, Germany, Eastern Europe

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