The 1st European Conference on Teaching and Learning Politics, International Relations and European Studies

Maastricht, 26-27 June 2014

Teaching Politics and International Relations to the next generation of students

What does it mean to teach Politics, International Relations (IR), or European Studies (ES) to the next generation of students, what should it mean for future students to learn Politics, International Relations, or European Studies? What are the opportunities of educating the next generation of a knowledge society? But also what challenges will Politics, IR and ES instructors encounter, considering the overburdening availability of (electronic) information and the growing demand for skills-based education? Next to those global trends in higher education, there are also specific features of European Higher Education that need careful consideration: the Bologna process, the employability discourse, or the raising concern with fees to mention just a few.

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Convening Networks

This event is jointly organised by BISA, ECPR, PSA and UACES.



British International Studies Association Teaching and Learning Working Group



ECPR Standing Group Teaching and Learning Politics



PSA Teaching and Learning Specialist Group



The academic association for contemporary European Studies


We also thankfully acknowledge the kind financial and organisational support of the:



Higher Education Academy


Maastricht Centre for European GovernancegapLifelong Learning

Maastricht Centre for European Governance (Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence)


University Fund Limburg (SWOL)

University Fund Limburg (SWOL)


Maastricht University

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University