Re-EUnions are envisioned as one or two day events designed to bring together academics and analysts with those policy-makers who devised or implemented policy initiatives, were present at key events and/or who devised activities for the EU. The intention is that the Re-EUnions afford the opportunity for critical reflection and allow for new insight in the study of the European Union. Re-EUnion events might include those that focus on landmark summits or meetings, anniversaries, new policy directions for the EU, contested legislation, or crises confronting the Union.


UACES would like to collaborate on these events with partners including think-tanks, other associations or Universities (or a combination of all). Ideally, the partnership would also include a media partner.

Membership of UACES is not a condition of funding and events would be co-branded.

UACES is not currently accepting new proposals for collaborative projects under the Re-EUnion funding stream.