Terms & Conditions

Funding will only be offered to those whose paper proposal was accepted following the Call for Papers.

There are up to 45 funded places available at the conference.

Conditions of Funding
  1. Funding is conditional upon attendance;
  2. Funding is also conditional upon the provision of a completed paper for the conference by 29 April 2016. If the paper is not supplied, the funding offer will be withdrawn. By paper, we expect 6,000-8,000 words (not a chapter from your thesis; not a PowerPoint presentation);
  3. By sending us a paper, paper-givers give us permission to display the paper on our website, before, during and after the conference;

  5. Travel will ONLY be eligible for funding if it takes place between 6-14 May 2016 for travel to/from Brussels;
  6. UACES can contribute up to 90.00 GBP towards travel expenses this funding amount is not transferable (i.e. if your travel is relatively cheap, you can't transfer the unused amount towards accommodation);
  7. Our definition of travel includes flights, airport transfers, metro/bus etc.
  8. We can only contribute towards the cost of economy class travel.

  10. UACES can contribute 45.00 GBP towards accommodation expenses on 8 May 2016 and 45.00 GBP towards accommodation expenses on 9 May 2016 in eligible accommodation - this funding amount is not transferable (i.e. if your accommodation is relatively cheap, you can't transfer the unused amount towards travel);
  11. Eligible accommodation is either a hotel, hostel, student halls or a B&B. We cannot reimburse students who stay with friends or family;
  12. We cannot contribute to accommodation costs for those registered at a university in Brussels.

  14. Reimbursements will only be made to those who attend both days of the full event;
  15. Please keep all original receipts/tickets as you will need to supply these with your claim for travel and/or accommodation expenses (we keep the receipts);
  16. For electronic receipts, please print an extra copy to submit with your claim;
  17. Expenses will be reimbursed by cheque for UK-based students and by paypal for non-UK students. Please set up a Paypal account in advance of the conference if you do not already have one;
  18. Claims must be submitted between 11-31 May 2016.


If you have any questions about the funding available, please email admin@uaces.org BEFORE the conference and BEFORE you spend any money.