Rethinking Democracy and Security in the Caucasus

Derek Averre, Kevork Oskanian

This paper presents the findings of a work package on the EU-funded FP7 research project CASCADE. Based on an extensive review of the literature on security governance, security communities, democracy and democratisation, and drawing on in-depth empirical research in the territories carried out by participants in the project, it attempts to (re)conceptualise the link between security and democracy as a basis for understanding intra-state and regional security challenges and examine how such a reconceptualisation might strengthen future EU European Neighbourhood Policy/Eastern Partnership policy in the region. A particular focus of attention will be on where the policies of external actors (EU, Russia) regarding security governance and democratisation converge/diverge; what local actors' understanding of the link between regional security and the Caucasian states'/territories' domestic political practices is; and how might transnational epistemic communities be established to support state-level policy in the region.

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