Explaining Scrutiny Powers of German Landtage

Jens Hasing, Jens Hasing

Most studies that deal with the response of regional parliaments to the Treaty-based strengthening of parliamentary scrutiny powers focus on national differences or examine the activities of regional parliaments at the EU level. In this paper, we aim to show that substantial differences exist also within one polity regarding the formal rights regional parliaments hold. In this paper, we analyse how German regional parliaments (Landtage) have addressed the challenge of controlling their governments in EU affairs. Assessing the adaptation process of the Landtage is particularly interesting given the high number of regional parliaments, their comparatively extensive legislative powers but also because of the serious constraints posed by Germany's 'executive federalism' to regional parliaments. Based on the well-developed literature on EU-related powers of national parliaments, we adapt a number of hypotheses to the regional level. We find that partisan and institutional factors (the strength of parliamentary powers unrelated to EU affairs) explain the large differences found among Landtage particularly well.

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