Normative-power Europe? The EU as a Global Sports Regulator

Borja Garcia, Henk Erik Meier

The effectiveness of the European Union (EU) as global regulator is controversial. Some scholars characterize the EU as one of the most important shapers of global regulations others argue that the EU's effectiveness critically depends on its regulatory cohesion, the political opportunity structure and regulatory capacity of its interlocutors. Since global sports represents a regionally segmented industry and is governed by private actors of diverse regulatory capacity, global sport regulation represents an excellent domain to study these propositions systematically. Thus, research presented here explores the effectiveness of the EU as global regulator of sports.This paper discussess the extent to which the EU may have acted as a global regulator of sport by virtue of applying EU law to the rules, regulations and activities of international sport organisations whose headquarters are situated in Europe. Drawing on a review of cases where the EU has sought to investigate the activities of international sport bodies, the paper discussess the extent to which the EU regulatory standards imposed have been reproduced by the sport governing bodies outside Europe. The cases under review include the international transfer system in football, ticketing arrangements for major sporting events and data-protection policy of the World Anti-Doping Organisation.

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