Local Government Interest Representation: the Institutional Context in EU Regulatory Policy

Sonja Witte

Local governments in Europe are highly impacted by EU regulatory policy. A lot of scientific work has been done in order to analyse the Europeanization of local governments when it comes to the implementation of EU policy. However, this is not supposed to be the focus of the paper. The envisaged paper will apply a bottom-up approach while looking at the opportunities local governments have to impact themselves on European (regulatory) policy. In these terms the institutional context as invented by Mayntz/ Scharpf (1995) and Scharpf (2000) and their heuristic approach of the actor-centred institutionalism will be applied in order to give an opinion about the possibilities and restrictions local government associations face in case they want to impact on EU (regulatory) policy. An evaluation of the last 20 years of EU regulatory policy will be outlined while drawing a picture of the institutional context local and regional authorities are confronted with when trying to influence EU policy making.

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