Conceptualising the Geopolitical Governance of EU Migration

Sarah Wolff, Florian Trauner

Given that 'migration has long been a barometer of geopolitics' (Hyndman, 2012: 243), this paper seeks to discuss the added value of geopolitics to the study of EU migration and asylum policy. It looks at the geopolitical dimension triggering or affecting migration into the EU. So far, EU migration and asylum policy has often been studied from an inner-European perspective. Institutionalist explanations have been paralleled by studies analysing the normative rationale behind EU migration governance. This paper, by contrast, discusses aspects such as: What is the relationship between geography, mobility and borders? Are EU member states sharing the same geopolitical understanding of migration? What is the role of geopolitical power(s), agendas and interests in the 'management of migration'?

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