'We Are All in This Together'. Socialisation Processes and European Foreign Policy

Ana E. Juncos, Karolina Pomorska, Arjan Schakel

This paper seeks to determine whether EU institutions (in this case, the Council Secretariat of the EU, the CFSP Council Working Groups, and the External Action Service) shape preferences of their individual members through socialization processes or whether this can be better explained by reference to other factors such as national socialisation or individual characteristics. By doing so, it contributes to debates about the impact of socialisation processes on EU foreign policy decision-making and outcomes. The paper also represents the first comparative analysis of socialisation processes across three EU institutions. The empirical evidence for this paper is based on structured surveys and qualitative interviews (N=162) with three different categories of officials: national representatives to CFSP Council committees, officials working in the Council Secretariat General and those working in the External Action Service. The paper analyses the impact of institutional factors on officials' attitudes towards the European Union and European Foreign Policy.

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