Industry 4.0 - the Perspective of International Economics and the Case of Polish-German Relationships

Marta Gotz

Industry 4.0 is associated with Internet of Things, Internet of Services, and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). This revolution is profoundly transforming the current business models. Interests in this phenomenon is growing among scholars, policy makers and representatives of business and industry. It poses several challenges to the national legal systems, labour markets and technical capacities. Yet little is known about the international context of the fourth industrial revolution. This presentation aims at bridging the gap in this respect. Drawing on the Polish-German case it identifies the research areas worth considering and advances hypothesis on economic ties in Industry 4.0 context. This presentation outlines the premises of the fourth-generation industry, diagnoses and discusses main risks and benefits associated. It might be regarded as a starting point for further, more detailed studies on this topic.

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