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Towards the Big Bone of Enhanced Partnerships? The EU and New Development Partners in the Post-2015 Agenda

Nadine Piefer

Partnership is one of mankind's oldest concepts- yet it is still (re)invented again and again, as e.g in the post-2015 discussions. Most new development partners, like Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Mexico, place great emphasis on horizontal partnerships as basis for development cooperation. In its rhetoric, the EU shares this vision; in practice, it is often criticized for a paternalistic and at times neo-colonial approach. Former 'recipients' of development cooperation have become 'donors' themselves, altering the existing OECD DAC driven international development agenda and shaping new development approaches, which are influencing the post-2015 agenda. In many countries, complex and high-performing structures are evolving around creating development partnerships with other world regions. This paper will in a first step shed light on new development partners' patterns of providing cooperation, development cooperation strategies and the establishment of international cooperation agencies based on partnership, ultimately providing a typology of emerging donors. In a second step, the concept of partnership will be further explored within the post-2015 agenda, shedding light on the EU's role and approach towards new development partners and other world regions. Finally, the example of triangular cooperation as an allegedly horizontal partnership between the EU, a new development partner and a beneficiary country will be analyzed in depth.

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