UACES would like to express its concern over the actions being taken against Central European University in Hungary.

We are strongly opposed to any political attempt to undermine the academic independence of the CEU in Budapest or to diminish opportunities for Hungarian young people to exchange ideas and experiences with other European students. 

We support all our current and potential members working towards an informed, shared understanding of Europe and we highly value the educational quality and opportunities provided by the CEU Budapest in the field of European Studies. We extend our support in particular to those of our members working in the Central European University in Budapest and we value highly the work they are doing to further the understanding of Europe. CEU has made a substantial contribution to advancing our understanding of European Studies and to ensuring that there is a better understanding of the position of Central and Eastern Europe in European politic.

The study of the EU and its member states, and Europe in general is as relevant now as it was at the birth of UACES in 1967 and we will continue to support access for students, academics and the general public to this area of knowledge.